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20 Questions To Consider When Developing Your Appraisal System

Posted on Tuesday, 10 July 2012 09:58AM
Alex Gallon
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Overview: This article describes the key questions any top team in an organisation should be asking itself when considering introducing or updating their performance management/appraisal process.
Appraisal processes frequently turn out ot be "not fit for purpose", this article attempts to address soem of those issues.
Author Biography: Alex Gallon FCIPD has spent many years designing and implementing training solutions that meet business needs, more particularly solutions that add value to an organisations competeitive edge.
Alex is a human resources professional with experience in senior HR management roles for a wide range of organisations.

Organisational Development. Employee engagement strategies, Investors in People, Management Development, Management Training & Performance Management
The questions are under three main headings:
- Values & Beliefs
- Costs & Benefits
- Unintended outcomes

Values & Beliefs

1. Why do we want to do appraisals?
2. What are the key values that underlie the appraisal process?
3. What outputs do we want from our appraisal system?
4. How do we want our appraisal system to work?
5. Who will be appraised? Who will do the appraising?
6. When will the appraisals be done?
7. How can we ensure/ how will we know the appraisal system will be effective?
8. How will we ensure action is taken after the appraisal?
9. Who will ensure the quality, consistency & transparency of the appraisal system?
10. How do we communicate our values to the appraisers and appraisees?

Costs & Benefits

11. What are the benefits of appraising for:
- the company?
- the appraiser?
- the appraisee?
12. What are the costs of appraising for:
- the company?
- the appraiser?
- the appraisee?
13. When and who will we measure the benefits?
14. When and who will we measure the costs?

Unintended outcomes

15. What are the potential unintended outcomes of our appraisal system?
16. Who will be affected by the unintended outcomes?
17. What will happen if we do not guard successfully against the unintended outcomes?
18. How can we ensure the unintended outcomes have minimal effect / do not happen?
19. When will we be able to measure the extent of the unintended outcomes?
20. Who will be responsible for minimising the effect/ensuring the unintended outcomes do not happen?

What everyone needs is a clear, transparent and well thought out process that will add value to the organisation.
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