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Business News

Mon Feb 08 07:11:39 GMT 2016
A huge new gas plant which will service the West of Shetland region and supply up to 2 million
Sun Feb 07 15:15:50 GMT 2016
The German arm of Canada's Maple Bank is closed by German authorities over concerns about its
Sun Feb 07 12:44:20 GMT 2016
Chancellor George Osborne is asked to clarify whether banks can use the cost of fines for
Sun Feb 07 11:51:33 GMT 2016
The prime minister "has not taken a sugar tax off the table", Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt tells
Fri Feb 05 19:02:00 GMT 2016
HSBC reaches a settlement with the US government over dubious lending and foreclosure practices
Fri Feb 05 15:49:59 GMT 2016
ArcelorMittal slumps to an annual loss of almost $8bn (£5.4bn) as the world's biggest steelmaker is
Fri Feb 05 13:58:43 GMT 2016
Volkswagen says it will not release its results nor hold its shareholders' meeting on time, as it
Fri Feb 05 12:43:24 GMT 2016
The charity Age UK is facing further criticism - this time for selling insurance deals that may not
Fri Feb 05 08:26:03 GMT 2016
Oil and gas firm BG Group, whose takeover by Royal Dutch Shell is almost complete, reports a rise
Fri Feb 05 07:21:17 GMT 2016
The world's biggest carmaker, Toyota, reports a 4.7% year-on-year rise in net income for the
Thu Feb 04 23:09:33 GMT 2016
Professional social networking site LinkedIn saw its shares fall 26% after projecting a lower than
Thu Feb 04 16:54:36 GMT 2016
Former head of Turing Pharmaceuticals refuses to answer questions at a congressional hearing
Mon Feb 01 22:30:16 GMT 2016
The ABC of Google's parent company
Mon Feb 01 13:40:13 GMT 2016
Why does Sainsbury's want to buy Argos?
Mon Feb 01 00:14:15 GMT 2016
The female friends who set up a growing gym empire
Thu Jan 28 18:04:26 GMT 2016
How does the UK compare with Europe?
Wed Jan 27 00:05:44 GMT 2016
Why it no longer matters what country your car is from
Wed Jan 20 00:03:39 GMT 2016
Which companies are racing to invest?
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