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Business News

Mon Jul 25 06:24:13 GMT 2016
UK betting firm William Hill receives a merger offer from rival gambling companies 888 and Rank
Mon Jul 25 06:07:51 GMT 2016
Shares in Japanese gaming giant Nintendo fall sharply as the firm says the success of Pokemon Go
Mon Jul 25 05:41:18 GMT 2016
Even with Chinese foreign investment on the increase, the decision by one entrepreneur to invest
Mon Jul 25 04:41:16 GMT 2016
Why businesses are banking on India's cinema superstar Rajinikanth for promotion.
Mon Jul 25 02:56:53 GMT 2016
Chinese technology and smartphone giant Huawei reports a 40% surge in revenue for the first half of
Sun Jul 24 23:09:43 GMT 2016
Whether your children are problems or prodigies, is it damaging to your career to talk about them
Sun Jul 24 23:03:46 GMT 2016
Stronger rules to protect workplace pension holders may be needed in the light of BHS's failure,
Sun Jul 24 23:01:54 GMT 2016
Sir Philip Green and others who "got rich" from BHS are blamed for the retailer's collapse in what
Sun Jul 24 22:51:17 GMT 2016
Former BHS owner Sir Philip Green should sign a "whacking huge cheque" to cover the hole in the
Sun Jul 24 19:02:19 GMT 2016
US telecoms giant Verizon Communications is to buy Yahoo's core internet business for $5bn
Sun Jul 24 17:00:10 GMT 2016
Chancellor Philip Hammond says that the UK needs to "get on with" the process of leaving the EU,
Sun Jul 24 04:26:33 GMT 2016
Model, actor and entrepreneur Lily Cole offers the business advice she wishes she had been given
Fri Jul 22 15:06:43 GMT 2016
Retailer Sports Direct is accused in a report by MPs of failing to treat its workers like human
Fri Jul 22 10:50:30 GMT 2016
Sports Direct founder Mike Ashley must been aware of ‘disgraceful’ conditions, say MPs
Thu Jul 21 21:26:38 GMT 2016
Embattled CEO of Fox News Roger Ailes resigns after a number of female employees accused him of
Thu Jul 21 18:41:34 GMT 2016
Mastercard offers up to £869m to buy Vocalink, the company that pays wages and operates the UK's
Thu Jul 21 14:07:52 GMT 2016
Stuart Scott, charged by the US Department of Justice of using inside information to profit from a
Thu Jul 21 09:40:02 GMT 2016
BT and Plusnet users were unable to access some websites again, after problems with the service
Thu Jul 21 08:47:07 GMT 2016
Singapore will be taking "firm regulatory actions" against four major banks over their dealings
Thu Jul 21 08:40:59 GMT 2016
Easyjet's boss, Carolyn McCall, tells the BBC the airline has taken a hit amounting to tens of
Wed Jul 20 23:45:36 GMT 2016
Lufthansa cuts its full-year profit target following a sharp decline in long-haul bookings to
Wed Jul 20 23:10:34 GMT 2016
Three years have passed since Yahoo bought micro-blogging site Tumblr, but it is not the goldmine
Wed Jul 20 16:41:13 GMT 2016
Cab hire service Uber has been taken to an employment tribunal by two of its drivers who claim it
Mon Jul 18 23:05:17 GMT 2016
Google has made headlines for its forays into healthcare but what is its ultimate goal?
Mon Jul 18 15:24:36 GMT 2016
ARM's technology is at the heart of millions of smartphones and tablets - but the company's
Thu Jul 14 09:54:24 GMT 2016
George Osborne has only ever had one cabinet post, chancellor of the exchequer and has been in
Wed Jul 13 20:30:35 GMT 2016
You might not have heard of Line, but the Japanese equivalent of Whatsapp is set to go public.
Wed Jul 13 08:51:13 GMT 2016
South Africa's Steinhoff International has bought the UK discount retailer Poundland. Once known as
Tue Jul 12 23:04:34 GMT 2016
New ride-hailing app Juno thinks it can overtake Uber by putting drivers first, but the path to
Mon Jul 04 23:08:54 GMT 2016
Financial technology - or fintech - companies are shaking up banking, but do we trust start-ups yet
Mon Jul 04 11:47:00 GMT 2016
Few of us may have known about Libor before it hit the news in 2012 when Barclays was fined and its
Wed Jun 29 23:00:26 GMT 2016
As businesses become ever more concerned about the impact of sleep deprivation, one company is now
Tue Jun 28 23:14:54 GMT 2016
Following the Brexit vote, overseas holidays have become more expensive for Britons as the pound
Tue Jun 28 04:05:37 GMT 2016
As businesses grapple with how to respond to Brexit, Germany's capital is keen to open new doors to
Fri Jun 24 11:57:47 GMT 2016
UK companies and business organisations say action to shore up stability and confidence is needed
Mon Jun 20 23:47:27 GMT 2016
Qantas boss Alan Joyce explains why it's important to be yourself at work, and the benefits of
Wed Jun 15 23:14:01 GMT 2016
A look at the growing number of bars and restaurants which actively try to hide their location, and
Wed Jun 15 14:24:15 GMT 2016
Former BHS owner Sir Philip Green gives a consummate performance as he is grilled by MPs who are
Tue Jun 14 23:05:48 GMT 2016
How has Sir Philip Green, once dubbed the 'King of the High Street', ended up being hauled in front
Mon Jun 13 23:04:40 GMT 2016
Former BHS owner Sir Philip Green goes before MPs on Wednesday to answer questions about the
Thu Jun 02 07:13:11 GMT 2016
The fate of ailing department store BHS is likely to be decided later on Thursday, with an
Mon May 30 00:17:39 GMT 2016
Since the growth of the militant group known by some as Isis, has the name become too toxic for
Sun May 29 23:07:47 GMT 2016
How Polish entrepreneur Tomasz Czechowicz helped bring capitalism back to Poland as communism
Thu May 26 12:50:07 GMT 2016
The government wants to reduce pensions payable to steelworkers, to make Tata Steel UK more
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