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Business News

Thu Feb 23 07:50:50 GMT 2017
"Strong progress" in restructuring helps the bank to report profits of £3.2bn.
Thu Feb 23 07:50:29 GMT 2017
The energy supplier says the drop in annual profits is partly due to losing customers in early
Thu Feb 23 06:50:53 GMT 2017
Up to 130 jobs are at risk as the bank announces half its NI branches will close within months.
Thu Feb 23 01:51:49 GMT 2017
Does running a food truck in Hong Kong make financial sense - and is the food good value for
Thu Feb 23 01:43:50 GMT 2017
Shares in the Australian airline jump 5% despite posting lower half-year profits.
Thu Feb 23 01:33:29 GMT 2017
'Time is right' to step away from running Nissan to focus on Renault and Mitsubishi alliances.
Thu Feb 23 00:25:57 GMT 2017
Forester Clive Collins was determined to keep working after breaking his back, following his dream
Thu Feb 23 00:21:34 GMT 2017
Hulya Arif is one of a number of disabled women breaking into the beauty business.
Wed Feb 22 16:21:32 GMT 2017
Bosses from Uber, and Deliveroo say offering more employment rights would harm them.
Wed Feb 22 14:06:40 GMT 2017
A church in Hertfordshire says it lost money after HSBC closed its bank account for two weeks.
Wed Feb 22 11:50:42 GMT 2017
Annual profits slump at the aircraft maker following another big charge on its military cargo
Wed Feb 22 09:24:45 GMT 2017
Lloyds Banking Group, nearly 5% owned by the taxpayer, sees profits rise on lower PPI provisions.
Wed Feb 22 08:39:58 GMT 2017
The German parent company of UK energy firm Npower suffers writedowns on its power plants.
Wed Feb 22 07:01:15 GMT 2017
Five airlines that fly into Europe have been told they must pay compensation to passengers for
Wed Feb 22 01:02:22 GMT 2017
Tom Cowley, who is autistic, dreamt of creating computer games, but struggled to find employment.
Wed Feb 22 00:34:34 GMT 2017
British businesses could be losing out on a potential £420 million a week by failing to target
Wed Feb 22 00:18:01 GMT 2017
Importing food is getting more expensive so why don't UK supermarkets get more of their supplies
Wed Feb 22 00:09:37 GMT 2017
New research suggests that thousands of businesses across England and Wales were taken to
Tue Feb 21 22:12:09 GMT 2017
Businessman and reality TV star Kevin O'Leary wants to disrupt Canada's government. Sound familiar?
Tue Feb 21 14:46:54 GMT 2017
Verizon cuts the price it will pay for Yahoo's core internet business following two huge cyber
Tue Feb 21 12:45:50 GMT 2017
One-off charges, including pulling out of Brazil, hit the global banking giant's annual results.
Tue Feb 21 10:28:50 GMT 2017
Rising commodity prices help two of the world's biggest mining companies report strong profits.
Fri Feb 17 00:13:28 GMT 2017
Do firms really need one person in charge? Staff at Swedish firm Crisp explain why they decided to
Thu Feb 16 13:46:25 GMT 2017
Iceland is the UK's favourite online supermarket, says consumer group Which? so is it now "cool"?
Thu Feb 16 00:14:09 GMT 2017
Will a merger of Essilor and Luxottica be too big for the public good?
Wed Feb 15 00:02:39 GMT 2017
How tapping into a growing middle class in emerging markets saw Tupperware Brands go from failing
Sun Feb 12 00:53:04 GMT 2017
Spotify may be "too big to fail", according to Billboard magazine, but the clock is ticking as the
Thu Feb 09 17:28:45 GMT 2017
With French owner L'Oreal wanting to put The Body Shop up for sale, BBC News asks what's gone wrong
Tue Feb 07 00:35:48 GMT 2017
How Isabel Ettedgui is single-handedly trying to revive century-old leather brand Connolly.
Mon Feb 06 09:08:56 GMT 2017
Some members of the Aslef union say they are unhappy with a deal to avert strike action at Southern
Fri Feb 03 22:35:14 GMT 2017
Data shows declining sales on the High Street due to the abandonment of seasonal shopping patterns.
Thu Feb 02 00:03:03 GMT 2017
Sears operates some of America's best-known department stores but it is facing a crisis that has
Mon Jan 30 18:15:25 GMT 2017
With senior bankers accused of fraud and hiding the proceeds of crime, this case is extraordinary,
Tue Jan 17 00:08:47 GMT 2017
Maria Grazia Chiuri is the first female creative head at Christian Dior. Sidney Toledano, the boss
Fri Jan 13 11:29:02 GMT 2017
Donald Trump tweets support or disdain for certain companies: but what effect do his comments have?
Thu Jan 12 13:08:49 GMT 2017
How merry a Christmas was it for the retail sector and where was the festive cheer felt the most?
Thu Jan 12 12:23:35 GMT 2017
After years of decline, Marks and Spencer has reported rising clothing sales. Has M&S cracked it?
Thu Dec 29 23:32:46 GMT 2016
It has been a year when the global car industry's race in to a new technological era hit top gear.
Wed Dec 28 23:12:09 GMT 2016
Even though UK banks are set to close hundreds of branches in 2017, the banks are investing
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