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Business News

Sun Nov 29 13:54:09 GMT 2015
Mining giant BHP is bracing for a $5.2bn lawsuit from Brazil's government over the devastating
Sun Nov 29 11:40:02 GMT 2015
German airline Lufthansa strikes pay deal with 30,000 ground staff as it looks to avoid further
Sun Nov 29 11:31:01 GMT 2015
Iran overhauls the way in which it offers contracts to foreign energy companies in a bid to attract
Sun Nov 29 02:39:11 GMT 2015
Hundreds of solar power jobs have been lost owing to planned cuts to subsidies, according to a
Sat Nov 28 13:48:27 GMT 2015
A further 333 jobs are saved at steel company Caparo, administrators PwC announce.
Sat Nov 28 13:12:47 GMT 2015
Online retailer Amazon says it has its biggest sales day ever in the UK as shoppers rush to buy
Sat Nov 28 00:12:16 GMT 2015
Interest of up to 4% will be paid on new Help to Buy Isas - accounts aimed at helping potential
Fri Nov 27 21:32:24 GMT 2015
A Swiss court convicts a former HSBC worker for economic espionage and sentences him to five years
Fri Nov 27 17:37:38 GMT 2015
The Dutch finance ministry says it will fight a ruling ordering it to recover as much as €30m
Fri Nov 27 16:50:40 GMT 2015
Black Friday sees an online spending surge on both sides of the Atlantic, although there were still
Fri Nov 27 07:13:59 GMT 2015
The decision to allow shale gas drilling - or fracking - in Lancashire will be made directly by the
Fri Nov 27 02:11:50 GMT 2015
Australian mining giant BHP says mud spilled by the devastating collapse of a dam at a Brazilian
Fri Nov 27 00:25:07 GMT 2015
It's a love-hate relationship
Fri Nov 13 17:51:55 GMT 2015
How will the support package for Redcar be spent?
Mon Nov 02 00:00:25 GMT 2015
The man with one O-level who created a toy empire
Fri Oct 30 14:07:58 GMT 2015
Good for companies but do they hurt the consumer?
Mon Oct 26 00:06:02 GMT 2015
The millionaire couple who could teach you a thing or two
Mon Oct 26 00:03:59 GMT 2015
VW and the never-ending cycle of corporate scandals
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