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Business News

Mon Dec 22 07:49:19 GMT 2014
Home improvements retailer Kingfisher agrees to sell a controlling stake in B&Q China to Wumei
Mon Dec 22 02:15:52 GMT 2014
Senior workers in London's financial services sector are expecting an average 21% rise in their
Sun Dec 21 18:52:40 GMT 2014
Aberdeen City Council announces it is to hold a summit to look at the challenges facing the North
Sun Dec 21 10:06:20 GMT 2014
The bosses who had a rotten 2014
Fri Dec 19 20:57:23 GMT 2014
Troubled smartphone maker Blackberry reports a larger than expected drop in revenue, as it
Fri Dec 19 17:36:26 GMT 2014
The chief executive of Renault Nissan says manufacturers in Russia are facing a "bloodbath" because
Fri Dec 19 11:58:10 GMT 2014
The company that makes Hellmann's mayonnaise, Unilever, is dropping its planned court case against
Fri Dec 19 09:54:00 GMT 2014
Payday lender Wonga will refund the fees and interest charged to a customer whose outstanding loan
Thu Dec 18 19:03:39 GMT 2014
The knock-on effects of Russia's economic troubles
Thu Dec 18 18:27:07 GMT 2014
Poor treatment of workers in the Chinese factories which make Apple products is discovered by an
Thu Dec 18 17:05:53 GMT 2014
British Airways owner IAG says that Irish carrier Aer Lingus has rejected its takeover offer.
Wed Dec 17 19:08:23 GMT 2014
More shares in Lloyds Banking Group are to be sold by the government, in a move which could raise
Wed Dec 17 17:02:41 GMT 2014
Newly merged Dixons Carphone says it saw a "barnstorming performance" in the UK and Ireland, but
Wed Dec 17 12:27:36 GMT 2014
Technology giant Apple says it cannot currently sell products online in Russia because the rouble's
Wed Dec 17 07:04:35 GMT 2014
India's troubled airline SpiceJet grounds all flights after oil companies refuse to refuel any of
Wed Dec 17 01:29:12 GMT 2014
UK food manufacturer 2 Sisters is setting "beyond unreasonable" terms in proposed contract
Tue Dec 16 18:59:49 GMT 2014
A group of Post Office staff plan a series of strikes over Christmas in a dispute over pay and
Tue Dec 16 14:23:31 GMT 2014
The Co-operative Bank has failed a "stress test" carried out by the Bank of England to assess major
Wed Dec 10 00:06:22 GMT 2014
How can you make economy flights more comfortable?
Mon Dec 08 22:31:46 GMT 2014
Builders accused amid Qatar 2022 World Cup boom
Thu Dec 04 00:01:01 GMT 2014
How Ikea assembled a winning position in Poland
Tue Dec 02 11:11:54 GMT 2014
The media boss who ignored her careers adviser
Tue Dec 02 00:01:41 GMT 2014
The 400-year-old system firms are desperate to reform
Fri Nov 28 00:13:33 GMT 2014
Wal-Mart workers revolt against US shopping day
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