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Business News

Fri Nov 28 21:35:53 GMT 2014
Retailers including John Lewis and Currys head for record online sales as frenzied shopping swamps
Fri Nov 28 08:16:44 GMT 2014
Regulator Ofgem imposes record £28m penalty on power generator Drax, while InterGen faces an £11m
Fri Nov 28 00:13:33 GMT 2014
Wal-Mart workers revolt against US shopping day
Thu Nov 27 20:55:43 GMT 2014
The BBC has learned one of the Tesco executives suspended by the company over the £260m profit
Thu Nov 27 14:06:45 GMT 2014
A joint venture between Stagecoach and Virgin wins the franchise to run the East Coast mainline
Thu Nov 27 12:53:45 GMT 2014
More than 70% of fresh chickens being sold in the UK are contaminated with the Campylobacter bug,
Thu Nov 27 12:15:51 GMT 2014
A landmark vote at the European Parliament has called for Google's search business to be separated
Thu Nov 27 11:51:37 GMT 2014
Budget retailer Poundland reports a 12% rise in half-year profits to £9.3m.
Thu Nov 27 07:55:24 GMT 2014
More than one million vinyl records have been sold in the UK so far this year - the first time the
Thu Nov 27 01:13:09 GMT 2014
The chairman of King Digital, the maker of the popular mobile game Candy Crush, Melvyn Morris, has
Thu Nov 27 00:19:15 GMT 2014
How sanctions against Russia are hitting UK businesses
Thu Nov 27 00:14:53 GMT 2014
Boxing Day sales come early to the UK?
Wed Nov 26 22:00:03 GMT 2014
Sir Andrew Witty says "tantalising" prospect of viable vaccine becoming available next year
Wed Nov 26 20:22:52 GMT 2014
Can the doll make it in China?
Wed Nov 26 19:44:13 GMT 2014
The boss of Royal Mail is accused of "scaremongering" by the business secretary, after telling MPs
Wed Nov 26 13:10:55 GMT 2014
Top German companies are told to ensure that 30% of supervisory board positions are held by women
Wed Nov 26 12:22:01 GMT 2014
Goldman Sachs and HSBC are amongst four platinum and palladium dealers to be sued in New York for
Wed Nov 26 09:20:57 GMT 2014
Thomas Cook chief executive Harriet Green has resigned, saying her work at the travel firm "is
Mon Nov 24 00:14:25 GMT 2014
The couple who helped Tesco change the way many of us shop
Fri Nov 21 00:32:01 GMT 2014
The mammoth corruption scandal surrounding Brazil's oil colossus Petrobras
Thu Nov 13 00:07:31 GMT 2014
Satya Nadella steers Microsoft away from irrelevance
Tue Nov 11 00:21:07 GMT 2014
CBI delegates' mixed view of UK leaders
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