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Business News

Fri May 22 06:55:08 GMT 2015
Nationwide building society reports a 54% rise in annual pre-tax profit to £1.04bn as it regains
Fri May 22 06:42:42 GMT 2015
Two more Japanese car giants - Mazda and Mitsubishi - are recalling 630,000 cars to replace faulty
Fri May 22 05:00:55 GMT 2015
Mexico will compensate China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC) $1.31m (£835,953) for
Fri May 22 01:05:53 GMT 2015
US tech giant Hewlett-Packard is selling a 51% stake in its Chinese server business for $2.3bn
Thu May 21 21:48:42 GMT 2015
Thousands of workers and union supporters protest outside McDonald's headquarters, as the fast food
Thu May 21 20:57:04 GMT 2015
Deutsche Bank shareholders deliver a strong vote of disapproval on the running of the German
Thu May 21 15:42:02 GMT 2015
Magnox says it plans to cut up to 1,600 jobs across 12 of its nuclear power sites by September
Thu May 21 15:14:43 GMT 2015
Deutsche Bank encountered anger from its shareholders at its annual general meeting on Thursday
Thu May 21 11:27:54 GMT 2015
Royal Mail reports a rise in profits, with cost cuts helping to offset flat revenues.
Thu May 21 10:59:30 GMT 2015
How criminal charges became another day at the office for banks
Thu May 21 09:28:41 GMT 2015
Britain's biggest cash-and-carry wholesaler Booker Group is to buy local grocery chains Londis and
Thu May 21 07:44:48 GMT 2015
Germany's train drivers have agreed to call off their strike and enter mediation with Deutsche
Thu May 21 07:17:51 GMT 2015
China's Lenovo, the world's biggest personal computer maker, said its revenues rose 20% in the year
Mon May 18 23:15:45 GMT 2015
What does it mean?
Mon May 11 23:11:13 GMT 2015
Is the brave new world of AI going to make business boring?
Wed May 06 23:33:46 GMT 2015
From Nike's "swoosh" symbol, to Starbucks' mermaid, firms take great care of their logos, but how
Mon May 04 23:01:07 GMT 2015
Will HSBC move back to its original home?
Sun May 03 23:02:01 GMT 2015
Why some in the US are losing their love of McDonald's
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