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Business News

Mon Apr 20 04:47:57 GMT 2015
The Post Office failed to discover the cause of large cash shortfalls at sub-post offices before
Sun Apr 19 09:09:23 GMT 2015
Saudi Arabian manufacturing and chemicals giant Sabic posts a 39% drop in net profits in the first
Fri Apr 17 17:34:33 GMT 2015
The chief executive of Volkswagen, Martin Winterkorn, wins the backing of the company's top bosses,
Fri Apr 17 14:32:59 GMT 2015
Argentina begins legal proceedings against three British and two US companies for drilling oil near
Fri Apr 17 11:00:58 GMT 2015
Rolls-Royce receives its largest order to date, worth £6.1bn ($9.2bn), to supply engines for
Fri Apr 17 01:43:07 GMT 2015
Struggling US toymaker Mattel saw its sales drop for a sixth consecutive quarter as the appeal of
Thu Apr 16 23:05:07 GMT 2015
The start-ups that want your electronic junk
Thu Apr 16 20:29:30 GMT 2015
Shares in arts and crafts marketplace Etsy surge 88% in their US market debut, valuing the
Thu Apr 16 17:03:25 GMT 2015
Debenhams shares rise as it posts a 4.3% rise in pre-tax profit, bouncing back after a Christmas
Thu Apr 16 16:17:38 GMT 2015
Supermarket giant Morrisons is to axe 720 jobs at its head office in Bradford.
Thu Apr 16 16:08:49 GMT 2015
South African investment firm Brait has provisionally agreed to buy an 80% stake in Virgin Active
Thu Apr 16 14:21:37 GMT 2015
US banking giant Goldman Sachs reports a sharp rise in profits thanks in part to an improvement in
Thu Apr 16 08:19:59 GMT 2015
Etsy, the online crafts marketplace, prices its shares at $16, but the company warns that it may
Wed Apr 15 23:04:26 GMT 2015
Working for Man Utd's secretive owners
Mon Apr 06 23:54:31 GMT 2015
How one Brazilian company is thriving abroad
Sun Apr 05 23:01:09 GMT 2015
The crazy cost of children's birthday parties
Wed Apr 01 23:00:08 GMT 2015
Have supermarket price wars killed the loyalty card?
Sun Mar 29 23:03:06 GMT 2015
How a husband and wife built the UK's biggest theatre group
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