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Business News

Fri Oct 09 06:54:05 GMT 2015
Embattled mining giant Glencore says it is slashing its zinc production in reaction to a 30%
Thu Oct 08 23:15:11 GMT 2015
Former Pimco bond trader Bill Gross is suing his former employer for wrongful dismissal and
Thu Oct 08 23:09:01 GMT 2015
Trade unions have claimed a significant breakthrough in a long-running legal case over alleged
Thu Oct 08 20:41:34 GMT 2015
US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has outlined her plan to curb Wall Street abuses.
Thu Oct 08 16:09:31 GMT 2015
Volkswagen's US boss makes a "sincere apology" to US lawmakers for installing "defeat devices" to
Thu Oct 08 14:43:19 GMT 2015
Three British companies have created a device to deter drones from entering sensitive areas by
Thu Oct 08 13:22:35 GMT 2015
A solar and home insulation firm has gone into administration with the loss of more than 900 jobs,
Thu Oct 08 12:25:28 GMT 2015
Virgin Trains West Coast is named as the rail operator with the highest rate of complaints in
Thu Oct 08 12:14:03 GMT 2015
The supermarket chain Lidl will now include Northern Ireland staff in the pay rise it has awarded
Thu Oct 08 10:47:58 GMT 2015
Almost 1,400 workers for Virgin Trains East Coast are to be balloted for industrial action over the
Thu Oct 08 10:32:41 GMT 2015
Brewer Anheuser-Busch InBev tells shareholders at rival SABMiller not to let the chance of a
Wed Oct 07 23:13:10 GMT 2015
Deutsche Bank has warned investors it will post a net loss of €6.2bn (£4.5bn) for the third
Mon Oct 05 22:55:40 GMT 2015
Will bankruptcy cost American Apparel its cool?
Fri Oct 02 14:43:40 GMT 2015
VW's evolution - from people's car to world best-seller
Thu Oct 01 23:23:31 GMT 2015
Is it still worth paying more for German engineering?
Thu Oct 01 05:56:31 GMT 2015
How Ralph Lauren created the American look
Wed Sep 30 11:21:36 GMT 2015
Could the government save SSI steel at Redcar?
Tue Sep 29 23:11:49 GMT 2015
The mega-breweries face a growing challenge from craft beers
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