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Business News

Thu Mar 23 07:52:07 GMT 2017
The retailer warns of "another tough year ahead" as shoppers shift spending away from clothing.
Thu Mar 23 06:49:47 GMT 2017
The warning from former regulators comes amid speculation ministers may cap prices on standard
Thu Mar 23 00:34:34 GMT 2017
Cecile Reinaud runs Seraphine, a London-based maternity wear company. She is on an export drive and
Wed Mar 22 21:37:35 GMT 2017
A prosecution witness called by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) admits texting friends for help
Wed Mar 22 17:31:52 GMT 2017
The company pumped nearly 1.5 billion litres of untreated sewage into the River Thames in 2013 and
Wed Mar 22 15:27:40 GMT 2017
Swiss bank UBS plans to charge a fee for customers who deposit more than a million euros.
Wed Mar 22 13:51:11 GMT 2017
AkzoNobel says an improved offer from US rival PPG Industries is still too low.
Wed Mar 22 11:35:44 GMT 2017
An investigation by Ofcom found the ISP had overcharged former customers by more than £500,000.
Wed Mar 22 10:15:28 GMT 2017
French luxury goods firm posts better than expected results amid 'uncertain' outlook.
Wed Mar 22 09:18:25 GMT 2017
The B&Q and Screwfix owner says resilient UK sales gave it a boost, but warns of future
Wed Mar 22 00:02:50 GMT 2017
Handbag designer Claudia Fürst is moving her manufacturing operation to Italy to counter the impact
Wed Mar 22 00:01:18 GMT 2017
We track a single item of clothing to see just where it goes before it ends up in the shop.
Tue Mar 21 23:55:40 GMT 2017
Rancher Coleman Locke is concerned farmers like him could lose out if the US renegotiates Nafta.
Tue Mar 21 20:12:41 GMT 2017
A French prosecuting magistrate opens an investigation into claims that the carmaker broke
Tue Mar 21 15:00:44 GMT 2017
The bank plans to move jobs from London and bulk up its European presence by "hundreds of people".
Tue Mar 21 12:19:58 GMT 2017
Waitrose loyalty scheme members will have to buy something before they can claim a free coffee.
Tue Mar 21 09:11:15 GMT 2017
The feuding family members who built up South Korea's Lotte Group empire are reunited in court.
Tue Mar 21 00:07:48 GMT 2017
The technology behemoth Google may be in the spotlight with concerns over adverts ending up on
Mon Mar 20 21:58:30 GMT 2017
Business jargon is putting off young applicants- Radio 4's PM tries to decipher some of it.
Mon Mar 20 21:16:47 GMT 2017
"Scotland certainly could be an independent country", says former governor of the Bank of England.
Mon Mar 20 13:50:02 GMT 2017
Google's European boss apologises for brands appearing next to extremist content that they didn't
Fri Mar 17 22:00:40 GMT 2017
Joe Gordon, boss of telephone and online bank First Direct has just two years' experience in
Thu Mar 16 10:17:03 GMT 2017
Toyota's decision to invest £240m in its UK operations will be welcome news for the UK car
Wed Mar 08 00:30:12 GMT 2017
Lisa Skeete Tatum wants her website to offer women the same networking opportunities available to
Tue Mar 07 00:06:23 GMT 2017
The drive to exercise "anywhere and anytime" is driving growth, with women the main sales target.
Mon Mar 06 14:32:32 GMT 2017
Why is General Motors selling its Vauxhall and Opel businesses to the owner of Peugeot?
Mon Mar 06 00:04:06 GMT 2017
How a small Canadian firm used social media to help drive sales of its Instant Pot multi-function
Fri Mar 03 00:08:53 GMT 2017
The bigger the better is the saying, but some firms are now challenging this accepted wisdom.
Thu Mar 02 00:03:07 GMT 2017
As Snapchat's owner targets a stock market valuation, fans tell the BBC their hopes for the app's
Wed Mar 01 19:00:52 GMT 2017
The BBC offers its best advice for Silicon Valley's beleaguered bad boy.
Mon Feb 27 00:20:58 GMT 2017
Ikea's humble bookcase epitomises a relentless pursuit of lower costs and acceptable functionality.
Wed Feb 22 00:18:01 GMT 2017
Importing food is getting more expensive so why don't UK supermarkets get more of their supplies
Fri Feb 17 00:13:28 GMT 2017
Do firms really need one person in charge? Staff at Swedish firm Crisp explain why they decided to
Thu Feb 16 13:46:25 GMT 2017
Iceland is the UK's favourite online supermarket, says consumer group Which? so is it now "cool"?
Thu Feb 16 00:14:09 GMT 2017
Will a merger of Essilor and Luxottica be too big for the public good?
Wed Feb 15 00:02:39 GMT 2017
How tapping into a growing middle class in emerging markets saw Tupperware Brands go from failing
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