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Business News

Fri Oct 28 07:37:01 GMT 2016
Royal Bank of Scotland reports a £469m loss for July to September amid continuing "legacy issues".
Fri Oct 28 07:17:30 GMT 2016
Airline group IAG, the owner of British Airways and Iberia, says the weak pound cost it €162m in
Fri Oct 28 04:25:43 GMT 2016
There was "no cheque book" offer to Nissan ahead of its move to boost UK production, says the
Thu Oct 27 23:14:34 GMT 2016
BBC Click's Lara Lewington looks at some of the best of the week's technology news.
Thu Oct 27 23:13:13 GMT 2016
No US state exports more to Asia than California, but the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership sparks
Thu Oct 27 23:12:05 GMT 2016
A South African businessman is trying to spread the entrepreneurial spirit, through a comic book.
Thu Oct 27 23:07:35 GMT 2016
Macae may be Brazil’s "oil capital", but it has seen 22,000 jobs close down due to the country's
Thu Oct 27 17:33:00 GMT 2016
Nissan workers have given their reaction after the car manufacturer announced it would build the
Thu Oct 27 16:41:40 GMT 2016
Nissan has confirmed it will build both the new Qashqai and the X-Trail SUV at its Sunderland plant
Thu Oct 27 13:20:05 GMT 2016
Tata has hit back at its former chairman, Cyrus Mistry, claiming he made "malicious allegations".
Thu Oct 27 09:12:17 GMT 2016
A blunt email from Tata's ex-chairman to his former employers has made headlines. But what do you
Thu Oct 27 08:31:09 GMT 2016
Embattled Deutsche Bank reports a surprise profit for the third quarter of the year.
Thu Oct 27 08:17:05 GMT 2016
Barclays sets aside an extra £600m to meet PPI claims as it reports a rise in quarterly profits.
Thu Oct 27 07:14:47 GMT 2016
Australia's richest woman Gina Rinehart and her Chinese partners raise their bid for the country's
Thu Oct 27 03:21:21 GMT 2016
The world's largest smartphone maker Samsung sees its operating profit plunge by 30%, pulled down
Wed Oct 26 23:27:01 GMT 2016
Both US presidential candidates have said they are wary of China's impact on the US, but is China
Wed Oct 26 23:02:29 GMT 2016
Thirty years ago in a single day Big Bang deregulated the City of London, creating a financial
Wed Oct 26 21:23:48 GMT 2016
Coca-Cola's global revenues slide 7% to $10.6bn in the three months to September as consumers keep
Wed Oct 26 18:39:42 GMT 2016
Tata Sons ex-chairman Cyrus Mistry attacks the firm and warns it faces the risk of huge writedowns.
Wed Oct 26 16:01:09 GMT 2016
Lloyds sets aside a further £1bn to pay compensation for mis-sold payment protection insurance.
Wed Oct 26 13:54:49 GMT 2016
Pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline saw profits surge in the third quarter, aided by the recent
Wed Oct 26 11:19:43 GMT 2016
Clydesdale Bank confirms it has made an offer for Williams & Glyn, the banking business that RBS
Wed Oct 26 10:46:01 GMT 2016
The popularity of Pokemon Go fails to stop Nintendo from issuing a profit warning, which it blames
Wed Oct 26 10:07:20 GMT 2016
Vodafone is fined £4.6m by regulator Ofcom for breaking consumer protection rules.
Mon Oct 24 06:45:49 GMT 2016
US telecoms giant AT&T plans to buy entertainment group Time Warner - what will that mean for
Tue Oct 18 23:09:26 GMT 2016
How can more women break through India's glass ceiling to take on senior and board level roles?
Sun Oct 16 23:00:48 GMT 2016
More and more of us are eating breakfast out of the house, and the competition for our custom is
Fri Oct 14 21:34:06 GMT 2016
As the fleet of bankrupt Hanjin Shipping makes its way back home, the crew members know they face
Fri Oct 14 15:09:51 GMT 2016
Hedging is an important part of financial safeguarding for businesses - but what exactly is it?
Fri Oct 14 09:12:16 GMT 2016
Panic spread across the UK as it emerged that the iconic yeast extract Marmite was at risk of being
Wed Oct 12 23:06:27 GMT 2016
As Samsung stops production of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone after incidents of the handsets
Tue Oct 11 16:55:54 GMT 2016
Problems for technology giant Samsung may go beyond a smart-phone that catches fire, as the BBC's
Tue Oct 11 08:38:29 GMT 2016
Whirlpool is facing a cacophony of calls to improve its response to a tumble dryer fire risk. A BBC
Sun Oct 09 23:05:02 GMT 2016
How Isadore Sharp founded and built up the Four Seasons hotel chain, and why at the age of 85 he
Fri Oct 07 20:39:03 GMT 2016
There are three main issues the UK needs to address if it is going to build a technology company on
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