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Business News

Fri May 27 15:56:06 GMT 2016
The competition watchdog will examine Sainsbury's takeover of Argos owner Home Retail Group.
Fri May 27 12:40:30 GMT 2016
Gossip site Gawker accuses PayPal founder Peter Thiel of being 'vindictive' and a 'comic book
Fri May 27 00:32:41 GMT 2016
The future of the planned new nuclear plant at Hinkley Point, in Somerset, remains in doubt as key
Thu May 26 23:46:56 GMT 2016
Google wins legal battle against Oracle to use Java software in its Android operating system.
Thu May 26 20:01:59 GMT 2016
Microsoft and Facebook announce plans to build the highest capacity data link between the US and
Thu May 26 18:50:07 GMT 2016
MPs have rejected an offer from the boss of Sports Direct to visit the firm's headquarters by
Thu May 26 12:50:07 GMT 2016
How much can workers expect to lose over their lifetime?
Thu May 26 10:11:49 GMT 2016
Shares in the publisher of the Daily Mail fall 8% after falling advertising income hits half-year
Thu May 26 07:18:43 GMT 2016
Shares in Japanese air bag maker Takata jump 20% following a report that US private equity firm KKR
Thu May 26 07:06:28 GMT 2016
Department store chain Debenhams appoints an executive from Amazon's European business as its new
Wed May 25 23:01:01 GMT 2016
The perils of trying to run a business in Venezuela
Wed May 25 19:15:24 GMT 2016
A clothing firm which supplied BHS has gone out of business, blaming the collapse of the high
Wed May 25 16:10:32 GMT 2016
Marks and Spencer's new boss unveils plans to revive the retailer's clothing and homeware business,
Wed May 25 14:32:15 GMT 2016
Who is bidding for the beleaguered brand?
Wed May 25 14:00:23 GMT 2016
A new consortium led by a former Mothercare director is thought to be the frontrunner to rescue
Mon May 23 23:10:26 GMT 2016
From High Street dominance to troubles with fast fashion
Mon May 23 07:34:35 GMT 2016
Who is interested and what will they bring to the table?
Sun May 22 21:01:00 GMT 2016
The divorced couple who have built a global shoe company
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