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Call Centre Training

Call Centre Training for all aspects of your call centre personnel.

As effective customer contact becomes a key differentiator for call centre operations, training and development can support the development of your sales growth, your customer experience and your management teams. See also Customer Service Training

As contact centres become more a focus for telephone and online contact with customers, call centre training can ensure that your contact with customers reflects your brand voice, achieves the required customer experience, and improves employee and customer engagement.

Call centre training may include inbound call handling skills training, customer service courses, as well as outbound call training courses such as telemarketing training and telephone account management. Training and skill levels need to reflect the types of customer and the types of calls that are dealt with. While business to business operations do not traditionally consider themselves a call centre operation, much can be learnt about best practice telephone contact with customers to ensure a successful operation and business.

Remember the distinction that we make between a training provider, ( who delivers off the shelf, tailored or bespoke training and development courses to your people only ) and open courses ( where you may send along one or many of your people to attend with their peers from other companies or industries )

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