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Coaching for Quality Training

Coaching for Call Quality is an essential practice and a key skill in todays contact centre environment.  Whether this sits with Training & Development, Line Management or Quality Control, this type of coaching can have a positive impact on people engagement and customer experience.    

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Diane Banister VIP
Tailored Made Training which helps develop call coaching capability and achieves the results you require.
PhoneCoach sells and hires a huge range of portable equipment for trainers moving from client to client, or training room to training room.
Easy to use, enables immediate feedback to delegates, putting theory into practice.
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You are viewing results 1 to 2 of 2

Coaching for call quality training will help develop the skills and practices associated with feeding back to agents about their live calls.  Providing agents with the opportunity to listen to their calls and discuss their handling of both the call and the customer can help improve the overall quality of the customer experience.

Coaching for call quality training will consider assessing live calls ( the quality control aspect ) and the skills required to give feedback and develop individuals further ( the people development aspect )

To further improve the customer experience you may also want to consider call handling skills training, customer service by phone training, or complaint handling skills training.

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