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How the web generates you business

Trainers, coaches do you understand how the web generates you business? We can help.

The internet has revolutionised how people search for suppliers and products they are looking for.

As a supplier it can be both expensive and time consuming to keep upto date and keep your website at the top of the search engine traffic.

Which is where we come in, we’re working hard on the site, so that you can concentrate on the things that you specialise in, delivering great training, or providing great training products to your clients.

In essence, it’s a simple process of generating new business via the web.

Visibility - Get Found
You need to get to the top of google and other search engines, or be found in a place where people buying your products and services will look.

At Training Source UK, we understand how to build a site to get found by the search engines, and we promote paid listings to drive traffic to your information.

Credibility – Get known
Once a visitor has found your information, that’s when what you write makes the difference.  Here are some simple questions to bear in mind when you write your webpage which work:-

  • What does the visitor to the site want and need to know about the services you offer?
  • Write with the visitor, your ideal client in mind.
  • What do you want the visitor to do next? Ask or tell them to do that

  • Get the click - The purpose of your web page is simple. Besides getting them to know your name and your brand, you want the visitor to click through to your website.

    There are some simple tips to getting the click, which involves the use of keywords in your webpage.

    If a visitor is looking for “communication skills training” a page written about “assertiveness skills training” probably wont get the click. It’s simple, we are pattern seeking, and if we are looking for communication skills, we’ll spend time looking at pages which have the words communication skills in the beginning of the text.

    Incidentally, this is why we created our brandbuilder package, so that you can write as many pages as you want for £99 a year plus VAT; so that you can write copy that’s relevant to the visitor, and which gets the click to your site.

    And if you don’t want to spend that, have time to write lots of pages, or only have one core area to promote then you can build a page at a time for just £10 a year plus VAT.

    These pages will be working on your behalf when you are doing other things. That’s the beauty of the web.

    The other way to build credibility, and to demonstrate your capability ( what we call the presell ) is to write articles.

    Not only do these give you precious back links to your own site, they help build your profile and help to get your name known.

    But they need to be good. An article which pushes your product doesn’t do you any favours. Just write about what you know, and training buyers will start a relationship with you.

    Get business
    You’ve been found, You’ve got the click, visitors may contact you direct by email, now’s your opportunity to convert the enquiry into business.

    Just remember the more enquiries, the more business.
    So, are you part of the Training Source UK website?
    There are two simple steps to being found on this site. Here's how
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    Registration is free and gives you access to the members area where you can tap into a wealth of resources designed to help you grow your business.

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    Step Two: Add your dedicated webpage(s)  

    Good luck, and remember we're here to help.

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