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How to submit your articles free with Training Source UK

Training Source UK attracts training managers, line managers and learning and development professionals from organisations across all industries in the UK. 

We aim to provide our visitors with the latest thinking from industry experts with information, resources and ideas.  So we are always looking for original, interesting articles for our visitors.

Writing articles is a great way to build your reputation and being published on Training Source UK can boost your credibility.

Producing quality articles provides a good opportunity for you to show and share your expertise, increasing the visibility of your brand to your target audience and our visitors love it too.   Submitting articles is free and is easy to do.

Step One: Register your details – your company name, contact details and logo. This only needs to be done once and will automatically show on all your articles.

Your registration details will not be published until you add an article. Registration is free and gives you access to the members area where you can tap into a wealth of resources designed to help you grow your training business.

Click here to register now.

 Step Two: Add your article. Once you've registered simply select "add listing" from your account page
Standards are high so every article will be reviewed and subject to an approval process.  Duplicate content will not be considered.   For regular contributors of quality articles there will be a Training Source UK “Expert Author” badge to display on your website, boosting your reputation even further.

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