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Telesales Training

Most organisations will have some form of contact with their customers via the telephone.  The telephone can be a very cost effective way of communicating with customers and prospective clients.

Telephone sales, or telesales, as it is more commonly known, is an invaluable tool that enables businesses to build relationships with existing clients and reach potential new customers either by landline or mobile phone.

Telesales can quickly and easily carry our market research, telemarketing initiatives and sales campaigns reacting to market conditions as they arise.  This can provide a real competitive advantage.

Telesales training equips individuals with the skills they need to communicate effectively and deliver the right results.
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Diane Banister VIP
With an emphasis on results and the action required to bring about performance, our courses are highly participative, practical and relevant.
Ripley Training
Ripley Training was established at the beginning of 2006 to provide high quality accessible training and coaching to help business like yours improve individual, team and organisational performance.
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